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London’s Olympic Waterscapes, Short Film and Article

As part of a small team I was awarded funding to make a documentary by Creative Campus Initiative to celebrate the London 2012 Olympics. I organised and conducted numerous interviews with various interested parties, and took part in planning, filming, editing and promoting the documentary. Successful online and offline networking resulted in the piece being featured on the British Library website and shown at international film festivals. We also produced an academic article about the film for International Journal of Heritage Studies (article).


Pop-up events often have silent discos, but the cost of hiring equipment is prohibitive. To solve this I found a way to host silent discos through iPhones and Wi-Fi networks. In 2011 I launched ‘fyidisco, London’s pop up silent disco’. I put together the requisite hardware, designed the software configurations, organised the events, wrote press releases, designed and updated the brand’s online presence (predominately through Facebook, Twitter & Tumblr), managed the brand’s active online community using Hootsuite, and promoted and ran the events in person.

fyidisco featured in Timeout (print & digital) as well as many London based blogs, and I hosted 3 well-attended and successful pop-up events.


Place, Self and Connection through Music: A Case Study of Sufjan Stevens ‘Illinois’ and Illinois.

Written in early 2007 this is my undergraduate dissertation on Sufjan Stevens’ album “Illinois”. It considers the places and people around of Illinois through the medium of complex, eloquent and powerful music of Sufjan Stevens. Download it bellow.


The final part of my masters in cultural geography in 2008 was a dissertation about the hobby of geocaching and the technological, spatial and geographical issues surrounding it. Download it below.


You can also download my traditional and up to date CV as a PDF file here.

Employment - Education - Projects

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