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Dan Deacon’s app transforms your phone into a crowd-sourced light show

Dan Deacon wants you to be on your phone during his gigs, though, rather than tweeting, he’d much prefer it if you were using his app to transform your phone into part of a vast, realtime network of connected lights.

The app, quite simply, connects up an array of iphones and synchronises the screens to flick between different colours to the beats. Cleverly, it doesn’t rely on wifi networks or phone signal, but on sound cues within the music itself, a new type of tech that can also be found in new sound-based data tranfer app Chirp. Watch the video below to see it in actions, it’s pretty amazing to see just how responsive and synced up (most of) the phones are, though the effect is ruined slightly when the guy behind the lighting desk decides that he still wants to do his job.

Dan Deacon is currently in the middle of  tour of North America. So if you’re state-side and want to see it in action for yourself you can, I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled for when/if a UK tour is ever announced.

Thanks to Songkick for featuring this post on their blog.

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Michael Anton is a geography PhD graduate in London who has just finished a thesis on the cultural construction of space within places of live music. He's also a runner, writer and digital media obsessive.
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